Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Instructions to TH

Dear Th

So I am with my folks for a couple of days and not at home.No,this is not a post to say about you being missed.This time around, I am more worried about the home front.I just thought I will leave you with a few instructions so that "our home" will not loose its sanity.Now, I know you can manage , but thats only to a certain extent and that will not be my way too.It will be unfair if I leave you clueless on what is to be done, where things are to be kept.Shall we get to the list?

1.I have tucked in the bed neatly.Once you are off the bed in the morning, fold the blankets and spread the comforter the exact way I do.

2.When you shave or trim your mosutache, donot leave the bathroom dirty. Thats the most horrible thing you coul do. Bother to clean up all the hair mess.And I will find out when I come there. Duh!

3.When you are done taking bath,Do NOT leave the wet towel on the bed. You know I hate that.Leave the wet towel in the towel hanger inside the bathroom.

4.After you have your breakfast,put the dishes in the sink.And remember to put the waste in the trash and THEN drop the dishes in the sink.Do not forget this, else be ready to face my wrath.

5.When you are about to leave for office, look around the house to see if you have turned off all the lights, the stove, the shower.Lock the door properly.

6.After you park the car, switch off the lights,remove the GPS and put it inside.I am sure you will remember my furious face that day when you had left the lights on.

7. When in doubt, call me. I always have the time to give you instructions.

The list will be endless,but I shall stop here.Good luck honey.

Lots a love,
ur wife



I kind of do all these..........yet no one questions me...........good to be in bachelorhood

pooja said...

OMG! Trust you to come up with something so funny like this.Poor TH I say.Did he read the list?

ss said...

ya be ready anytime

yet to read it.but even if he reads, am not sure if it will materialise

clueless said...

Holy cow!What a list!Intha mathiri list ellam tent pottu ukkanthu yosipingala?

Sanjay said...

Hahaha.We are so challenged to do these kind of tasks.

satish said...

well he has been living alone in the US before 2008 jan rite..but this list is like a one giving instructions to a newbie which i am sure TH is not..dont boss around the poor soul :P

ss said...

wat list u r talkin abt? i dont knw..u see i am so gud

you bet

i have seen thru the webcam how he maintains the house before jan 2008.this time arnd, i dint want to risk the home condition and thot wud give leave him some instructions..other than that, i dont knw wats bossing all a poor soul