Saturday, December 20, 2008

Its Snowing!!!

White white everywhere
looks so pure

The sun trying to make its way
but no hope of it even during the day

Day and night it snows
and the festive spirit just shows

All is merry and bright
oh what a beautiful sight

Wishing for more snow, I keep longing
but for now, I thank God for this little blessing


Anonymous said...

that's very creative shuba...i didn't know there was a poet in you !!!! :) -Arun

Siva VG said...

This is Seattle right!! Nice pics and along with the poem!!

Albert Einstein said...

Is HE and SHE singing duet and dancing in the Snow :-)

ss said...

thanks arun

i feel as if a celebrity has visited my blog. thanks for dropping by

dancea? suthu pottalum namakku varathu

satish said...

hey nice pics is this your first snowfall experience..because first time eppovume super ah irrukum but adhuku aporom ebba swami indhe kooluru thange mudiyale snow eh vendam nu aidum :D

ss said...

no this aint my first..remem i was in deast coast b4..and it snows like crazy there. nevertheless i love snow.

pooja said...

The pics are so nice. You must be shivering there.