Saturday, July 3, 2010

When you are a novice

car driver...
1.You have the seats as forward as possible for the fear of not being able to reach the brakes
2.You donot turn on the music or th radio for fear of concentration getting diverted
3.The moon roof is not opened, nor is the a/c turned on -sounds like a luxury for a beginner
4.You double and triple check the sides before changing lanes
5.You keep looking at the side and rear view mirrors so often than what is actually recommended in the drivers license booklet
6.You start the car only after praying hard
7.You try and park the car in those assigned spaces which are in far end of the store and normally people dont prefer to park there
8.You get down and walk around the car to see if you have parked the car within the lines.
9.You come back home and call TH to tell him what a feat you have achieved and that the car is indeed safe
10.You blog about it, call your friends and brag about your achievement(?)

1 comment:

Rohan Chawla said...

In my case, it was the exact opposite. My Uncle once remarked saying he was grateful to God, he had reached home safe :P

But 10. is so true!