Friday, October 17, 2008

2 in 1

SHE: Hey, I have invited "M & his wife" home for lunch on Sunday.

HE: Why did you choose a Sunday? Sunday mornings are meant for cleaning and evenings are meant for relaxing

SHE: Ya precisely, you vaccuum the house, clear the trash, clean the bathroom only on Sunday mornings.I call someone for lunch and the house is also clean.Orey kallula rendu maanga

HE: %^^$$##@@@??!!!


Sanjay said...

simply LOL !!!
How do you come up with such things?

satish said...

i hope "He" pretends that he is not feeling well on sunday morning and once u are done with all the cleaning, is up and takes a bath feels fresh and receives ur guests for lunch telling them how he had been doing all the chores since morning and how "She" has been lazing around doing nothing :D

ss said...

how? err...i dont know

ada pavi..u r a supporter of he? bad bad...

clueless said...

He can even cook the lunch. Orey kallula 3 maanga! Itheppdi irukku?

pooja said...

He She back after a long time.Good one.

ss said...

that sounds gud too.