Friday, October 31, 2008

From scratch

From 9 months in a place to a totally new place
From leaving behind a vibrant bunch of friends to forming a new set of friends
From the comfort set up of home to slowly setting up another one
From everything in order to starting from scratch....

We are packing our bags and moving coast to coast!As if life isn't spiced up already, we wanted to add a little more to it.Things are being sorted out and tracked, goods being packed, lease cancelled, flight tickets purchased, temporary accomodation arranged...but goodbyes alone will not be said.


Sanjay said...

Awesome news! West coast is goign to be lovely and especially the place you are going.Expect rains and rains and some more rains.

clueless said...

Why the moving? TH joining elsewherea?Good luck and I hope you would continue to blog even from your new place.

ss said...

yes, am so looking fwd to the place.

the moving cos Th is joining a new company there...and ya will blog whenever i can.

Albert Einstein said...

Good luck to HE and SHE on the new place :-). Have an exciting time ahead.

pooja said...

Hey I am out for a while and I see a lot happening on your blog sweetie. Moving places huh? Good luck to TH and give us loads of stories from the new place.

ss said...

thank u. he is joining today

things got clear about 3 weeks ago.we have come to the W coast now.will post wenever I can.