Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Best Part of

returning home after a good 50 days is

- vaccummed and a neatly maintained home by TH
- lunch cooked by TH and kept in a casserole ready to be eaten




pooja said...

Awww how sweet of your TH. WElcome back et what's that skeleton thingie?Looks like a chocolate


yummy cake, u the lucky one

ss said...

ya, thats a chooclate. i was misty eyed on seeing all this.

hehe truw. and ya, the cake is yummy

clueless said...

Cake chocolate? Orey the romantic.50 daysna chummava?

Sanjay said...

Oh boy! what a welcome!Are they Haloween special choclates?

ss said...

ya 50 days was a big time.hence all the thadapudals

i am not sure if they r haloween special chocs..but i loved them

Albert Einstein said...

Thane kalakkala welcome panniya engal thanaya thalaivar TH vazhga. Thalaivarna summava. USAla enga ellam poster ottinaru TH unga returnkkuaga :-)

ss said...

enakkey orey athisayam..i just melted away seeing all the arranagements here.