Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Packages...of love

I have always loved packages from home.They take me to a different world. I start looking at the cover/ bag in which the things are brought. Sometimes a Pothys , or a sweet shop cover ...or even something wrapped in a tamil/ malayalam newspaper.I kind of start mentally visiting the very same place which the cover mentions.My parents brought a few things for me when they came over here.Goodies from in laws, friends, grandmother and that wee moment, I felt the distance of 1000s of miles melting away.It was like seeing them through the goodies they sent for me.

Opening the bag is a whole different experience. Its not for the pleasure of getting some goodies..the pleasure comes from fondly picturing how they thought of what we would want and shopped for them.The phone calls that follow will be filled with conversation like " did you like whatever I sent?" " did you taste the sweet"? " does the shorts fit him?".I cleared everything from the bag and stored the bag carefully.Everytime I wish to travel to Kerala/ Chennai mentally, I would simply pull out the bag, touch it and picture myself going to all those shops.

I just came back home after a good 50 days of stay with my parents and sister's family.I dont have any package as such, but some home made snacks by amma, a top that my sister gave, an IPOD travel kit that my BIL got. For now, I am feeling a little more...little less homesick


pooja said...

This post made me cry for some reason.Its so tough to be away from relations.Life is like that.*Hugs*

Sanjay said...

The very mention of sree krishna sweets got my mouth watering.I love the carrot mysorepak they make.

ss said...

i am better now..but being away is tuff

where is the mention of sks? i think u rtoo carried away by the sweet shop mention

Sanjay said...

oopps , sorry.The mere mention of sweet shop really got me into it.

Albert Einstein said...

On reading this, somehow I remembered the initial days when I stayed in Bangalore alone without anybody around, though it was hardly few hours of travel from Chennai :-). Excellent post.

ss said...

i undstand.we all get over it as time goes by

clueless said...

50 days? thalaivar eppdi vuttar?

ss said...

he was fine with it, though he missed me terribly