Monday, October 27, 2008

Diwali Time

Sweets, savouries, crackers, new dresses, socialising, making merry...its that time of the year again.DIWALI!!!And a diwali celebrated far away from the very happening place for the festival- Chennai. What's diwali without new dress or noise bursting the crackers anyway?How has diwali celebration changed over the years and how could it be over a few years from now? ( with some due imagination)

5 years ago---
Get up as early as 4 in the morning, take bath, wish relatives who get together for diwali,wear the new dress ( read ready to show off to friends and others),rush out of home to start bursting crackers.There used to be "healthy fights" amongst friends as to who started bursting crackers first. After a while, eat all the savouries ( bhakshanams) made at home and watch tv till the next session of bursting crackers.Visit temple.

Get up around 7 or 8 in the morning, take bath, wear a new dress if interested.Call up parents and all relatives wishing them a happy diwali.Eat some self made savouries. Crackers?- no mood for them. Watch tv , sleep. Visit temple.

5 years from now---
May be folks would do a video conferencing on the diwali day and we could virtually celebrate diwali, burst crackers,eat all the savouries.

Anyways, diwali at my home is being celebrated with some home made sweets and savouries, new dress, a visit to the temple.Happy diwali and have a safe one.


Albert Einstein said...

Happy Diwali to HE and SHE. Now a days watch TV takes most of the time of the day (though we would end up watching the same person giving interviews in various channels and almost answering sterotype questions)

ss said...

thank u and wish u the same. i am sick n tired of rhe same kind of programs in tv.

pooja said...

Happy "thalai deepvali" to you and TH.Its funny and sad to see how the diwali celebration has changed over the years.I see it as an occasion to mend bridges.

clueless said...

Thalai deepvalai eppdi pochu? Not much crackers and celebrations in Chennai this time. What with restriction on loud noise crackers?

ss said...

thanks for the wishes. i see diwali as an occasion to make merry, eat, socialise and ya defntly bridge he gap with whomsoever u havent been so close with.

oh ya, my MIL told me abt the restriction on loud noise crackers. ours was gud- sans the crackers. but i truly missed wud have been a lot of fun watching all the fireworks light up the sky!

Sanjay said...

Sorry for the belated wishes. Had been out of town.ope you and TH had a good one