Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clean All

I was damn busy, Appa wanted some proof receipts of the LIC premium paid.I had to take out a file in which these receipts were filed.I take the file, run through to find out the receipts, there is paper and clutter all around, my mobile phone rings and in a hurry to reach out to my phone, I accidentally kicked the glass of bournvita that was kept and the spilled bournvita very rightly flows on all the whole lot of papers scattered.I reach up to my phone and it happens to be a wrong number.I am damn irritated, and I decide to give up.Just then, there was a lightning thought that I could indeed use this as a chance to sort out the papers and trash the unwanted papers, bills,etc.I patiently did that and waahh, my file now has only relevant stuff and no rubbish.

But, now that I sorted out all the clutter, I dont want this to happen again.I only wish that I be more regular in sorting and disposing the unwanted stuff than wait for a situation like this!


sudha said...

nice way to clean up all the papers.HAHA:)-all is well that ends well.spilling of bournvita gave you a chance to clean up things. good one!

clueless said... the bournvita made you clean stuff? cool.hopefully you clean your clutter regularly from now on

Sriram said...

"Suttham Soaru Poadum" appadingaradhai aanitharamaa sollittiyae ma..

Hum Bhi jaake suttham panraan hai..

ss said...

yes thanks 2 bournvita, else i wudnt budge to clean up things

@ AJ
yes, it was the work of borunvita.i wish n pray that i am meticulous in cleaning. lets c.

@ sriram

thanks. etho ennala mudinja karuthu.but paathiya athoda effect, its making u clean up things as well. am glad!

smyLeMaKEr said...

haha, so cleaned up eh?
i shud start drinking some energy drink so it spills on many 'messes' i maintain @ home

sudha said...

madamji your post made me clean my handbag, thanks to your post