Thursday, July 19, 2007

These kids I say...

Kids say the darnest things and take you by surprise.

Since I live in an apartment, anything/anyone coming to my house is strictly scrutinised by one of my flat mate and more precisely their 4 year old son.This little boy wud follow the visitors to my house so religiously just to see what they talk and what they eat at my home. Nothing/ no one can come to my place without his knowledge. So did my A/c. I purchased an A/c this April and as expected, this boy was right there when the A/c was delivered at my home.He came in and sat along with me, kept saying that he would stay with me to see how the A/c wud function. He kept comparing the A/c at their house with mine. Mine is a split A/c while theirs is a window A/c.Now goes the conversation we had

BOY: unga aathula periya A/c. enga aathula chinna A/c
ME: aamaam. aana ellam onnum thaan ( me thinking not to discriminate bwn things)
BOY: periya A/c na romba jillunnu irukkuma?
ME: aamaam
BOY: nee ellamey perusa thaan vanguviya?
ME: appdi onnum illiye
BOY: A/c um perusu, tv um perusu, bedum perusu
ME: not knowing what to say, tried diverting him to something else and offered him some fruits to eat
BOY: enakku fruits pidikkathu
ME: trying to advise him, fruits healthukku nallathu, konjam saapdu
BOY: enakku pidikkathunu sollrenla
ME: pidikkathunnu ethayumey solla koodathu. konjam saapdu

Here comes the dialogue totally unexpected

BOY: nee nalla sambathikkara, periya a/c, periya tv, periya bed ellam vechurukka, yean ippdi fruits saapda sollra? pizza, laysnu ethavathu enakku vaangi tharalamla?

Who has got the better of this conversation?
He took me by surprise totally. I did not speak a word after this, and dropped him back at his home.


sudha said...

hey i knw who the lil boy is...gud post re

clueless said...

he must be a smart chap. kids talk the strangest things and take you by surprise.and you have put the whole conversation in a humorous way. its nice

ss said...

@ sudha
ya i knw u know it. and thanks for not taking the name here. lets keep it this way. k?

oh that boy is indeed a smart chap.for that matter, most kids entertain u so well illaya?

Praveen said...

Ya ya intelligent kid he shld be..Cool..and now a days almost all kids have knowledge abt all things which we at that time would not have been aware of!!!...nice.Present Generation kids are so advanced!!!

ramalingam said...

very nice subha
intha kaalathu pasanga engayo poituanunga

ss said...


@ ramalingam
thank u

Anonymous said...

wow... i thought only kids in mega serials spoke that way.. anyway.. he has a bright future... (atleast in mega serials!!)


ss said...

@ siddhu(RSS)
he does speak that way. he is way ahead. btw, i ahve sorted out the confusion with ur name.

Rajesh said...

payyan semma smart machi

smyLeMaKEr said...

payan pizza n chipsukku adi poadradhu theriyaama, avanukku 'nalvazhi' solla try panniyaa? gud 1!!!