Tuesday, July 31, 2007

LOVE is...

HE: Hellooo
ME: Enakku konjam velai irukku, namma apparam pesalama?
HE:Seri ok, naan apparam pannaren
ME: Illa, enakku inniku pesara mood illa
HE:Yean enna aachu?
ME: Onnum illa
HE: Is something bothering you?
ME:Ya, something is bothering me, aana ennannu thaan theriyala
HE:Ennada ithu?
ME: Paathiya, nee aluthukkara, I know you are fed up of me
HE:Appdi ellam onnum illa
ME: Illa, appdi thaan
HE: Why do you assume things?
ME: Ya, I always assume things, I am only so bad
HE: Ippo ennada pannanum?
ME:Onnum panna vendaam, am ok now.
HE: Sure?
ME: Ya am ok now, aana en mela kovam illa la?
HE: Enakku kovam ellam onnum illa da. Nee ok na, naan ok.
HE: Nijamma da.Ayyo yean da oru vishayatha ivlo complicate pannara?
ME:Seri ok, lets hang up now. You take care. Bye!

is driving SID nuts and make him totally clueless like, in the above conversation. Oh ya, the above conversation was between me and Sid.


sudha said...

Dei enna dah idhuu..unga romancekku alavae illae...onnumae pesama sollama samadhanathu vandaaathuu ...true Love is CRAZY nuuu chuummaavaa sonnaga!!!

ss said...

@ sudha
illa, ithu romance illa, ennoda nochu. paavam siddharth.i always do this, but then he doesnt have a choice

Sriram said...

haha subha.. yenna solradhunae therila.. nee thappaa yedutthukkalainaa solluvaen..
typical cancerian paechu..
paavam dhaan sid..
ipdi irundhaa dhaan work out aagum..

ss said...

@ sriram
i have no hard feelings. u r free to rite wat u want to. btw, sid is a cancerian too and we both share the same birthdate.but, ya sid konjam paavam thaan. many times, i make him clueless.

Sriram said...

rendu paerum same bdate ah.. this is very interesting..
super po, naanum oru same bdate ponnaa thaedaraen..
cancer-cancer relationship patthi i dono much.. gud to know this..

Praveen Daniel said...

Ha Ha..Love panna ippadi ellam irukuma..hmm..gud gud.If i get a chance ill c whether it happens to me!!!

smyLeMaKEr said...

dats just 1 side of the story...
I take it on with Subhs as much as she does! jus dat it explodes wen both try to drive each other crazy @ the same moment over the same issue!
kewl! lovers, not love, drive ppl nuts! :-)

ss said...

@ sriram
same birthdate was a co incidence, but that laid the foundation to the relationship. antha katha thaan unakku theriyume.

@ Praveen
looks like u were busy for sometime, dint c u arnd here. anyways, love pannina, ippdi irukumaanu theriyala, but en casela, it does happen at times.

@ smylemaker
edey,i tried making the post funny, and u r confessing that u take on me too.hmm...but dont u think i have kept u clueless a thousand times?

Papu said...

Paavam unga sid...pottu intha padu paduthrel avara...it not only drove him nuts....

Clueless said...

semma mokkai pottiruka po
but its so sweet.....continue driving him nuts

ss said...

paavam thaan. enna pannarathu

i am doin that already and wud as well take a vow officially on jan 20th 2008 in intensifying the drive