Monday, July 16, 2007


I have never had a fancy eating MURUNGAKKAI. Infact, I have been annoyed with this vegetable quite many times.Ask me why?I started detesting sambhar because of the murungakkai added in it.I always prefer vetha kuzhambu to sambar cos vetha kuzhambu can be made even without any vegetables, but by adding some manathakkali vethal.But for sambhar, you need to add vendaikkai or murungakkai. My appa has always felt murungakkai does better justice to the sambhar and that left amma with adding lots of murungakkai to it.I had no qualms with vendaikkai cos as the cliche goes, I was told "vendaikkai is the vegetable which helps me improve my mathematical abilities"( anyways that dint help me in becoming one mathsla puli).But I happily stuck to vendaikkai and disowned murungakkai.

But it wasnt that easy to ignore this vegetable.I agree it has a nice flavour, tastes nice, but many times it gets stuck in your thorat. Sometimes I wonder if people took some special training to chew the murungakkai. I am sure even a cow if competing with our men would loose its race in chewing a murungakkai.How is it that our people manage to chew it so violently?.I always associate eating murungakkai with embarassament. Another thing was washing the plates after my appa/ chithappa or the guests ate. I dreaded doing this especially when there was the violently chewed murungakkai in the plates and I had to trash them before washing the plates.And then on, I close my eyes before trashing the chewed murungakkai and also wash my hands with soap after I trash.


clueless said...

Its amazing how u think of these kinda topics to write about. well written. truly hilarious.The next time we meet, I will ensure you get to eat lots of murungakkai at my home.very well written shub

Sriram said...

utkaandhu yosippiyaa.. vaayppae illaama yezhudhirukka nee..

actually murungakkai of the mundhaanai mudichu is very famous..

Naan onnum sollalai baa.. nee unga wud be kitta matter poochaenge hai..

siddhart said...

oh.. i never knew a simple murungakai would its way in a blogging site.. dat too an issue as simple as these.. and FYI der r other ways in which a murungakkai can be eaten without chewing it(the cow style)...
Step1: Hold the murungakkai vertically
2:drive your index index finger directly thru the murungakkai(MK) from top
3:this will tear open the MK revealing the seeds and the fleshy part.(the seeds are also edible)
4:the fleshy part has sort of three partitions.
5.Separate one partition and hold it flat on the plate with ur thumb.
6. Use your index and middle finger to scratch out the contents.(need to apply some pressure for this)
7.Relish the taste of the MK and throw away the outer parts.
U need not get embarassed in public places; No ques of getting stuck in the throat; need not make others clean hands esp for this after washing the plate; and above all kanakula puli..!!!! ;););)

ss said...

@ AJ

@ sriram
i knw abt the mundanai mudichu murungakkai story.and this post was pending for a while and this sunday, happen to have sambar and was reminded to write abt the same.and btw, the way u rite is dam funny. i was in splits reading ur comment. may b u cud start blogging too. enna sollara?

ss said...

@ siddhu
enna vida nee thaan da romba yosichu irukka. i will ensure that the next time i come to ur place, i ask mami for some murungakkai sambar and make sure u give me a demo to eat the same.and am told that chewing the murungakkai maximises the taste.

clueless said...

slide panni saapdaratha vida, atha mennu ( am sorry for this kinda language) saapdarathula thaan santhosham ummm i love it that ways only

sudha said...

wah wah what a topic to write about? how do you think of all these?its amazing and wonderfulyl written,good work

Anonymous said...

very well written. sorry am busy these days and so only am not able to keep in touch with you . best wishes and write more and more


ss said...

@ AJ
romba anubavichu ezhuthi irukka

thanks. it was just one of my thots. thats all

thanks 4 stopping by here.

Anonymous said...
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subhashree said...

etha pathi kavala padrathu nu oru alavu ilama pochu.. ne ezhuthirkatha vida antha MK va epadi sapdanum nu sid ezhuthirkathu.. great.. enna thinking.. Pavam TCS...

ss said...

@ subhashree
oru chinna correction. this sid is my v.close family frnd .infact lets say siddhu so that it becomes easy 4 us to distinguish. k?and thanks 4 dropping by

Praveen said...

Hey...really Murungakai sambar taste will be gud...add some Ghee n try wil add up to the taste..and on eating murungakai...everyone has different u said someone will crush n eat it...some will just eat the inner part...But ill eat in both ways..he he!!!

smyLeMaKEr said...

dunna worry; shall ask my mom to extract the pulp from cooked drumst 4 ya... naan chinnadhaa irukkarachae enga amma adhadhaan pannuvaa :-)

pooja said...

i loveee murungakka sambar

Anonymous said...

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