Monday, July 9, 2007

No longer committed

Oh, how do I write this? I am finding it difficult to express myself. It was 4 yrs since I was committed, and ya it was immediately after my schooling.Amma never liked this relationship of mine.So it was but obvious that she dint approve of it.But I dint want to listen to her cos we had a good understanding. Just like in any relationship, we too dint get along all that well initially, but as years rolled by, we were thick n thin.We were seen together most of the times.I started spending most of my weekdays and sometimes my weekends with my love.we got along pretty well. Inspite of ammas repeated pleads, sometimes shoutings, I continued with my relationship, ignoring all that she said. This continued for a while until amma cudnt take it further. And she just threw my old, worn out school uniform out of my cupboard and later handed it over to my maid servant asking her to take it away. This time, she happily ignored my crying, pleads and shoutings .


Clueless said...

HAHAHA!!! wat a post .Hilarious shub. am in splits.Thot you were actually talking about Mr.SID. way to go, good one.

Sriram said...

Haha, nee bayangara poet range la aayitta.
english poetry yedho padikkara maadhri effect..
naan oru nimisham tension aayittaen..
school uniform oda ivalo loves ah..
chancae illa, wat a creativity..
How I wished I could have informed Celia Mam and Nalini abt this talent of yours!!
Rajkumar natchathiramaaga nindru un thalaikku pinnaadi oliyaa sutthraarnu ninaikkaraen..

ss said...

@ AJ
why wud I talk abt sid in this context? thank u so much for the comments+ complements. small notes like these keep me in spirits. thanks

@ sriram,
enna ithu?rajukarm sir, celia mamnu? guess, u r being way too genrous with ur complements. nevertheless, am accepting it. thank u so much. and btw, i think i developed my writing skills only wen i was in college.i used to loive my school uniform, sad that i lost it. never mind. thanks a lot sriram.

sudha said...

haha, well written re. damn witty.good work. keep writing

clueless said...

comeon shub you are most welcome. you are complemented cos you write well, so keep writing

gomu said...

hey nejamave nerula erundhu patha mathiri erukku.. aunty and u .. i can visualise it... evalavu nalla ezhuthuviya nee? sollave ella.. vera ellam d panra?

MMC said...

Ada paavi!!!! As I went on reading my heart was beating faster & faster....

Good that it's a short post, or else you'd have been charged with my murder!!! ;)

ss said...

@ sudha

@ Aj
thanks a lot

thanks di. u shud b able to picturise it i knw that. u have spent many days with us.vera ethuvum pannala..just this .

was taken aback ons eeing ur ada paavi..never knew u cud rite this kind of a tamil. and thanks for not murdering me.

Praveen said...

Hey..u have stood strong in ur thoughts n actions regarding ur selection and h have succeded too rite.Cool.Congrats yaar!!!