Thursday, August 2, 2007

Knock Knock Reality

The whole of India has taken to Reality Shows.Every T.V. channel airs one such reality show.Hindi channels were the pioneers in reality shows in India, and after sensing the popularity and the TRP ratings shoot up, most of the other language T.V. channels have followed suit. And these shows keeps me thinking very often. A huge lot of people come for the prelims, the judges screen them and select a few, while ousting many with the judges telling them that they dont match up to the expectations.And if you think the show ends here, you are wrong. The camera catches the ousted particpants, crying, howling, screaming, bitching about the judges and what not...May be this is the reason, why these reality shows are so popular amongst the janta.

Now this amuses me so much. If we could easily decide the fate of an aspiring individual who wants to become a singer or a dancer or a comedian by mere SMS'es and votes, why dont we use the same, yes, the same system for a few more things?

  • For the state elections ? This will easen the whole hazardous process that the EC is put through!
  • In companies, what if a CEO wants to fire someone? Am sure this system would come handy then. Or may be, everyone votes for the CEO himself
  • What if we could choose which actor should play a particular role in a particular movie? That ways, we could get rid of the Sathyarajs, Sibirajs,S.J.Suryas, Vijaykanths and the like.
  • Cricket, to choose the players of the team. I am sure had this system been in place a few months before, Ganguly could have saved himself. Poor guy, he had to go through the whole hungama.

Comeon, lets give the phone operators some more chance to mint some money. Take your mobile, SMS your vote to save these souls. May be VIJAYAKANTH or SATHYARAJ or your very own CEO. Send your votes to 8888 and save a soul.


Sriram said...

hahaha.. nalla topic.. u r making blogging look very colourful..
But yenna irundhaalum thanga thalaivar, singa thamizhar, varungaala mudhalvar gap10 vijayakanth ai patthi negative ah paesirukka koodaadhu..
dhamil naadai varungaalatthula joom panni olagatthukku kaatta poraaru annan..
BTW, naanum pona vaaram yellaarukkum msg panni yen friend kku vote poadunga in that chennai man contest nu sonnaen, adhunaala apun comment nahi kartha hai..

Papu said...

Somehow I feel that all these SMS votings are just for the sponsors to make money and not to decide anything. The winners are all decided internally and declared. Just to be more realistic these channels give a lead towards whose more close to the winning line and just extend the last few shows as if they are waiting for the votes to be counted. Ultimately he or she would be declared winner.

Funny part is the judges claiming that they did not have such a platform. God knows if they would be judging those poor soles if they had got one such platform!!!!

smyLeMaKEr said...

haha, very true that the bite of reality fascinates us to watch such shows... ultimately, every1 wants to know the 'pvt' life of some1 else.... I loved the concept of the movie "The Truman Show"

Such reality-based competitions and game shows are very popular in US. I too am a fan of most of them. In fact, those shows are lightyears ahead of our Indian TV shows... 1 of my favourites: some 10 participants are locked together in a closed house and they have this prize money of 1 million $s. they have a voting every 6 hrs or something to vote who can take the 1 million. The game is to convince the other 9 to vote for you. The catch is that the prize money reduces with time @ the rate of 1$/minute!!!

Abt the SMS part of it, I think its kinda "justified". Ultimately, its the pick of the most 'popular' in a media field. Like, a movie with the most popular actor is better that a movie with the most talented actor, right? though, it may not suit to choose the CEO :-)

But, Sathyaraja Vijayakanthoda saethadhudhaan konjam feelingsaa poachu! :-(

ss said...

first things first, thanks 4 ur complement.i was actually wondering if i shud use vijaykanths name here. allrite, let me put it this way, lets get him out of the movies so that he cud concentrate more on politics.and did ur chennai man win? i did vote for him just cos u sent me the mail.

i dont even think our votes wud make an iota of a difference. but still, i have voted for a couple of shows too. may b i am mad!and the reality is that, no one need to be held responsible for ousting someone. every good or bad thing is pointed towards the public SMSes.

Vijayakanth peru use panninathukku explaination kuduthaachu. but i personally feel its time ppl like him bid adieu to films n films alone.and ya CEO part was a bit xaggerated, and that was for mere blogging purpose.u feel the SMS thing is justified? i dont think it wud make any difference with our SMSes. no one wins here xcept for the mobile network operators

sudha said...

amazing post, very well written do you think of these things.....sathyaraj vijayakanth pointers are so funny re and madam is becoming popular i thought i would be the first to comment, but you already have some comments. keep it up

Clueless said...

Shub awesome ma
you are enriching your blog with various thoughts and we are delighted about the same
enna engal annan gap10 pathi sonnathu than konjam varuthama pochu

ss said...

thank u

thanks a lot.vijayakanth kku ivlo supporta? enakku theriyavey illa.

smyLeMaKEr said...

aathaadi! I meant Sathyaraj is a decent enuff actor that he shudnt be discussed in par with our anjaaa nejam damil dhiraavida jingam Gaptun!!!
with the sms... its a way of telling ppl "Unlike in elections where U R paid to vote, here U shud spend to vote" :-)
am not 'aware' if SMSes are counted/discarded but have a feeling that they are indeed counted....

Sriram said...

Subha nandri for voting.
He won the second runner-up.
Btw, Vijayakanth kku thamizhnaadae support..
If he had entered into politics 20 yrs back, then he wud hv become CM, PM and even US president and afterwards UN sec. Gen. aagi ulagamae thamizh paesa vachurupaaru.
Vaalga dhamil. Valarga Gap10

siddhart said...

SHUBA to 8888.. hows it..?? just kidding.. it was really dat u tot of all these things..!! great.. keep going..

Praveen Daniel said...

Ha ha..hey ur concept seems to be ok.But it may not be right in many cases where popularity will be given priority and not the talent somethin n all.Hmm anyway good thinking... :)

pooja said...

first time on your blog accidentally bumped here. but no regrets
nice blog


ss said...

unakku enna kindal pannala thookam varathey

ya some of the aspects r exaggerated. its merely for the blogging thrill

thanks for dropping by