Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our van driver

Its been a year and a half since I started working and believe me each day is an adventure on its own. Thanks to the van driver who is Schumis cousin twice removed!Though he doesnt look even the slightest like Schumi,he more than makes up for it when it comes to driving (Racing??)

He is a man with a mission, ya, the misson to get us to office on time.Nothing ever stops him except for the life saving dance that too if its performed in the middle of the road by atleast a group of five people.And if he is not in a great mood, he even forgets to pick us up once in a while. But if he is in a decent mood,we are thrown upto the ceiling by atleast three speed breakers.So you can as well imagine about his bad mood!Another thing that we have been in awe with him is how is it that he manages to get out some loud symphony with the horn!

Guess me and my other colleagues are lucky to have found someone so sincere and dedicated to the cause of racing and dropping us to office on time inspite of the road construction chaos thats happening enroute.Here I raise a toast for him.May he race in peace!!!


Albert Einstein said...

Excellent description. The way you write, you are making it come in front of our eyes.

BTW one did I dont understand why do we always compare with Schumi when we have Narain Karthikeyan here :-). Just a thought!!!

ss said...

unga languagela sollanumna, SCHUMI is THE BOSS!thats y

sudha said...

hilarious..well im missing the van trips..bcoz of my bike..gud one re..keep writting :-))

smyLeMaKEr said...

chanceless da!
inglipeesla pitchu udharitta

Spl applause for the tone, language n pulse of the blog {claps} {claps} {claps}

BTB, are ya sarcastic when you appreciate the van driver - Manikandan Schumi?

Amisha said...

he he he... Vision,mission...hmmm.. had a feeling of reading a proper case study of vision, mission, problems, weakness etc...:)MBA madam :)jokes apart
anyways awesome work dudette...

ss said...

y dont u think of joining me int he van every morning?

no sarcasm anywhere.and thats a huge complement edey.am so touched esp wen it comes from u.

case study? classlaye ozhunga case study panninathu illa..ennathan irunthalum IIM alavukku varuma? thank u so much di

pooja said...

Mind blowing post. You have an absolute command over the language lady.Wishing you many more adventurous rides in future

Clueless said...

hats off to the style of writing
remarkable.witty post eh?cool.nee engayo poitta ma

siddhart said...

by any chance was he working for MTC before driving ur bus...or he s got any plans of doing so in future.?? cos i c a very bright future for him der..!!!! ;)

thiru said...

Excellent narration.... but be careful... enjoy the trip every day... good keep it up.....

ss said...

Thanks a ton

naan inga thaan irukken. kidding!thank u so much

That was funny.

Thank u. I always get into the van after a small prayer.

Sriram said...

Subha nee yezhudhinadhaa paatthaa unga van driver Gap10 oda follower oh..
Mission, vision laam poatrukka..
yenga thalai dhaan missan la poradhurukkaaru..
Kashmir laendhu Kanyakumari varaikkum two mins la parandhuduvaaru.. unga van driver adhae gene pola..

well written ma..
unga van driver vijayakanth ai kaettadhaa sollu..
vaalga dhamil valarga dhamilagam..

ss said...

may be he likes or even worships vijayakanth..got to ask him. btw, thanks for ur comments