Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sweet nothings...over the years

She: Hello
He: Hi baby, how are you?
She:I am good You?
He:Hmm..nalla irukken. Missing you
She: Me too. Wish we were able to see each other more often
He:Ya, but this is what we chose. Be happy.Love you so much
She: I love you too.Muahh
He: Was waiting to talk to you
She: I have been waitin for 6 p.m. so that you would call.Miss you terribly
He:Ya I know.Muah
She: Muah, love you sooooo much.
He: Me too da
She:When will I get to see you ?Its so long and am fed up of it
He: Pretty soon. ok? Love you.
She:I love you. Take care.Bye

She: Hello
He:Sollu da
She: You busy?
He: Illa, sollu
She:Onnum illa, chumma thaan panninen
He: Hmm.sollu.
She: I miss you, feel like seeing you
He: Did you enquire about the driving class?
She: Ya will enquire today.
He: Vera ethavathu pending irukka?
She: Illa.
She: Will you call up appa amma today?
He: Ya I shall.
She:Vera enna?
He: Nothing much.
She: Ok, we will talk later. bye

She: Hello
He: Enna?
She: Called to remind you about the cheque payment
He: Ok, I shall do it.Saaptiya?
She:Ya aachu. By the way, dont forget to get the things from the list that I gave you in the morning.
He: Hmm ok.
She: Ok, I will call you later if anything else is to be bought on your way to home. Bye


Sriram said...

Haha Subha super portrayal..
Idhukku yenna comment panradhunu therila, but existing lovers and future couples and single ah mingle panna reayd ah irukkara yennai maadhri youth [:D], yellaarum indha trend ai maattha ninaichu work out pannanum..
Very well done Subha..
Kannai thirandhu vittaai..

Albert Einstein said...

Excellent communication. But these SWEET NOTHINGS are more intresting, exciting and make us look forward for those calls right!!!!! (Able to understand these only quite recently)

pooja said...

Lol! That was funny.You should come up with more posts on the HE-SHE stuff. Wot say?Loved the post

sudha said...

how typical.I have seen this happening between my friends too. cool post re.good

ss said...

u wont believe, me n sid go thru this often or atleast thats wat i feel

hmm ya, u shud b pretty excited.

nothing like a he-she post. that was something which I experience..so made it into a he she post. thats it.it is indeed funny to see how the conversation keeps changing over a period of time. thank u for ur comment

thank u re

smyLeMaKEr said...

very nice da. Ur blogs are awesome, better than earlier everytime :-)
Keep it up!

ss said...

thank u edey

pooja said...

Oh yes, I bet the conversation keeps changing and needless to mention once you have a kid.

Clueless said...

Haha...What a funny conversation. You could add this to the future conversation

She-Will you pick up the kid from school and drop him in the karate class on your way to home?

its true that things change from emotional to situational.Very well written

ss said...


that is a funny add on to my list.and ya things absolutely change from being emotional to situational..that leaves me to wonder wat wud it be like once u have a kid.sounds xciting!

Praveen Daniel said...

Ha ha..nice one it is..and in many cases its true rite....when its far...its so interesting n nice n expectation is more..when its our the expectation n interest somwat reduces rite..athu thaan vaazhkai!!! ok ok..cool!


gud and funny

Amisha said...

he he he.. i am very well able to relate to it though not always.. I guess everyone undergoes the same more or less.. good one...

Papu said...

Tomorrow thavira micha rendum personal experience uh?

ss said...


u r partially rite.

siddhart said...

hmm.. dat was too gud.. especially tomo... i really enjoyed it... keep going..!!!

ss said...