Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Salary Token Gifts

Talk of the first salary and am sure its close to everyones heart ( I still remember how excited I was on checking my account for the first ever salary and trust me, I hadnt seen so much money in life then)You feel elated on getting the first ever salary credited.Another thing is it takes inordinate amount of mind space.Ask me how

Its been a tradition in our family that when you start working, you got to show your love and affection to your family members by getting them first salary presents.That being said, amma suggested one small token for each family- I mean one for chithappa family, one for athai family, and so on.My sister did the same when she went to US and came back with one token present to each family and so did my cousins.Its my turn and I have been merrily whiling away doing this for more than a year.But all of a sudden, I realised my responsibility

I love shopping and so this kind of a task only adds to my happiness.
But I sulk big time in buying something for men.Cant think of anything beyond shirts/ t shirts.And given the complexities in buying a useful yet in your budget and likely to get your appreciation gift, I decided that I would get something for the ladies clan.Its easy to buy gifts for women especially if you are a woman yourself.Also, there are as expected, some in the family who have everything and some who appreciate nothing and ofcourse there are some who say " ethukku gift ellam, nee ippdi snehama irukkarathey porum".So, how about a mobile phone for my the eldest mama who doesnt have one?- but he wudnt find it so exciting or an investment & trading book for the chithappa who freaks out with the share market?but he says he knows things and that books neednt help him or a book of crosswords for my athai who is an expert in it?-but she wud solve it in a days time.Pheeewww!! So,I am finally settling down to buy gifts for the ladies clan. How I wish I had thought of this idea in the beginning itself!


Albert Einstein said...

Right. Well written. I always feel completely lost when I had to buy gift for any females. But for males I am comfortable :-) To whomever I have spoken almost everyone is comfortable for their gender but not for others!!!

Clueless said...

Love the way you write . I am so envious of you
loved the crisp description about your relatives

btw, wat u getting me ?

sudha said...

totally agree with you, its easy to buy something for the womenfolk.and a very nice family tradition its always nice that you show your affection by getting gifts. nice post

ss said...

m sorry..i dont agree with u. i guess its way easy in selecting a gift for a woman, esp with the chice of variety that u have

thanks a lot. u want a gift from me? but havent i already treated u?

Guess we both share the same thots.

pooja said...

very well said SS and know wot we have the same tradition in our family too and is such a nice thing too. but as you have said, my paternal aunty doesnt appreciate anything.there are such kind of people everywhere.but its always nice we show our love and affection this way

siddhart said...

Its perfectly true.. mainly the gift selection.. its easier to get things for women.. but its equaly true that women r difficult to satisfy than men... especially u can seldom hear a man complaining "this purse was given by this person n i hate to use it.." because a purse is going to remain a purse... the same colour n space to keep money.. but saris n accesories come in a large variety n the taste of evry individual differs..!!!

N talking about buying gift,u should ve also mentioned this... Ppl really become bankrupt planning "things to buy" for ppl around them in their first month salary.. :( Gods grace if they r left with some money to buy themself a pen atleast..!!!

ss said...

oh ya, women r tuff to satisfy..loved the xplaination abt the purse.very true.but even if u bcome bankrupt, the pleasure of gifting ur clan is above it!

ss said...

thanks a lot for sharing ur thoughts here. i am sorry i missed to reply to ur comment earlier..and ya there wud always b some who wudnt like something, but I get something for my own happiness

Sriram said...

Kalasaala yezhudhirukkael..
gift vaangalaam yengalukku theriyaadhu yaaraavadhu kodutthaa vaangikka theriyum..
ponnungalukkellaam yepdi gift vaangaradhunu nalla suggestion kodungo maami..
ushaar panra ponnu laam vittuttu pogaama irukkaradhukku yedhaavadhu kodukkanum la..
yethanai naal avanga mattum alwaa koduthundae irupaanga..

Abhiranjan Jagannath said...

Hey there! well written... I see a fraction of Chetan Bhagat in you... I am in the same clumsy muddle of confusion right now. :(

All these comments were given long back and I dont know whether you will reply to this one or not. Anyways, if at all you see this, here is my question: "Finally what did you get???" :)

ss said...

hey, welcome here.I got sarees for the ladies, ( no lady wud say a no to a new saree) and watches, shirts, books for the men folk.

Abhiranjan said...

Well... then I am thinking right... thanks a ton ss..... :)

Suchitra Nair said...

with my first salary i bought a pair of foot wears for my step mom and a golden strapped watch for my dad. a cute little pen for my eldest brother and bike accessories for my elder brother...i felt very happy that moment.. i really cant forget that day