Monday, August 13, 2007

Life is Beautiful

Waking up early in the morning around 10

Not having a need to have bath in the mornings necessarily

Having the breakfast served piping hot (even at 10 a.m.) & having the breakfast served right in the living room while watching tv

Not having the need to wash your own plate/ vessels

Watching tv till its time for lunch

Hogging the lunch

Browsing the net with the facility being available 24*7


Enjoying a cup of tea with some deep fried snack

Have a bath cos its almost the end of the day

Visit the nearby temple and friends

watch tv

Have dinner

Browse the net

Off to sleep

And in between all this rigorous schedule,get spoiled by being pampered big time cos you would be visiting home after 8 months, meet people who come to visit me at home, gossip big time about anything under the sun and finally off to sleep after too much of tv and eating



Albert Einstein said...

Excellent enjoyment. But this BEAUTIFUL LIFE will last only TILL You are back in Kerala for vacation. Once you reach CHENNAI, your ORIGINAL life will continue...

Clueless said...

I can see that you are having a wonderful stay at your home. Enjoy .Cool post and its making me all J

ss said...

I am just enjoying THE moment. I very well know its not something that will b forever. so be it..but the happiness i have now of coming home after 8 odd months and being treated like a baby is above anything. living it and loving it.

yes, am indeed having a wonderful time here.amazing weather..its raining n such cool breeze.i dont want to come back..but then...

pooja said...

Life is indeed beautiful for you. Wish I too could get up around 10 in the morning.SIGH!!! Lucky gal, enjoy

sudha said...

aahh enjoy your stay at home. Just a few months away to the D day

sudha said...

dont forget to buy some chips for me

Praveen said...

Nice enjoyment u r having whenever u go to ur Native is it.Cool.Let it continue....!!!!

ss said...


unakku illatha chipsa? will defntly get u.D day? guess I still have enuff time, but I better make use of the time i get

ya, kerala in general is a lovely place and shud i even say how it feels wen my home is in kerala? its heaven

Sriram said...

oh maami kerala poayrukkaelaa.. first yenakku puriyavae illa nee yenna yezhudhirukka nu.. awesome..

oru periya yezhuthaalar aayitta nee.. semma creativity..

dhayavu seydhu yennoda thaamadhatthukku mannikkavum..
aduttha comments laam sharp ah varum yenbadhai urudhiyaaga koori vidai paerugiraen..

ss said...

no issues, was wondering where u were.thanks 4 the comment

Amisha said...

Hi d...
Guess u r having fun there at home...i am missing all this now... U have really become good at writing and njoyed reading ur post :)

ss said...

ya had a lovely time back home here..but the fun is coming to a temporary halt from trw. am leavin back to chennai. enna pannarathu?

Anonymous said...

Last month I was on the way back to my work place. Sitting beside the window seat I observed drizzling outside the aeroplane. As the aeroplane moved, it started raining....both from the sky and my eyes.

Well said.