Monday, August 6, 2007

Keeping in touch

I am a little concerned about all those who have no time for friends/ relatives.I wish I did not say that, but then I have numerous examples or instances at home and abroad who do not even communicate to cousins, chithis, chithappas, mama mamis. They are such people who would say a mere Hi if you happen to bump into them in Yahoo messenger or Orkut and sometimes, they conveniently ignore even that.My immediate or first cousins wud recognise me ( ofcourse with the modern emails, orkut and stuff), but I am sure their kids will not even be able to recognise me if we ever bump into each other. I have my cousins who have not turned up to India for more than 5 years.Their kids havent even seen their roots

But on the contrary,my parents are in touch with all their cousins ( first, second and so on), their relatives through the traditional ( time tested??) means of communication like letters, phone calls. So what do I infer? When we are exposed to internet, emails, messengers which are fast, dependable and free and are still not able to keep in regular touch with our folks, but the parents can with the time tested methods.That only shows that distance is never an issue. It is the inclination to keep in touch that matters. I still sit and write letters to my grandma who has immense pleasure in reading letters. You speak to her over the phone, she isnt as happy as she gets my hand written letter.Many a times, I come to know of the happenings in the family only when amma tells me- be it my cousins engagement/ wedding,or he / she getting a promotion at office.I am not advocating one to write letters.But this could be a timely reminder for us to keep in touch with the loved ones before we realise its too late.


Albert Einstein said...

Excellent blog and a very valid thought. One reason I think, is we always think who is reachable by email, chat is always there for us at the click of a button and we eventually end up missing on them. We never realise the value of anything which is easily available or approachable for us.

Sriram said...

super ah yezhudhirukka.. arumaiyaan topic.. vaazhkkaila manushan yosikkara orae naeram orutharin in maraivil dhaan.. adhukku munnaadi varaikkum naama avaala kandurukka kooda maattoam, but adharkkapparum yosichu yenna prayojanam.
Haso, Jiyo, Muskuraho, Kya Patha "Kal Ho Naa Ho"..
arumaiyaa sollirukka subha..
I will try my best to follow this more as well..
Super ma..

ss said...

i am k with any sort of communication. be it mails, messenger, watever, but we cud for sure try keeping in touch. if my parents cud do it, y cant I?

thank u.Many times, I just scroll thru the contact list in my mobile and message or call up someone with whom I havent spoken for a while. I only feel that just a little bit effort to be in touch will do.

smyLeMaKEr said...

ahaaa, U p(r)icked me, hehe!
am not even aware of the names of my 1st cousins, haha... but, am not so guilty abt it! Like, whats so particular abt 'relatives' in maintaining relationship? I prefer to maintain as much closeness with ne1 (friends, relatives, chat-mates, colleagues, teachers, etc., etc.) as much comf am with them

Thats just my 2 cents :-)

sudha said...

very valid thought re
nicely written I am sure to revive my contacts. great post

sudha said...

I missed this its a very nice thing that you still write letters to pattima

ss said...

edey nothing abt feeling guilty. obviously am goin to keep in touch with someone whom am comf with. btu again, soemtimes laziness creeps in and we dont tend to keep in touch. and for me esp, i am more happy wen i am in constant touch with my folks.I have many of my frnds who wud send me fwds but not a single mail asking me abt my this post was more on addressing such kind of ppl

thanks re.yes i do rite letters to my paati.she treasures all of them.

Praveen Daniel said...

Ya U r absolutely right.I have felt the same thing with my relations n friends.We lose contact with some people or we rarely keep in touch with some people who r near n dear to us.Life is Short rite..So lets be in touch with our near n dear as Subha says :)

Clueless said...

you made me feel guilty
I alwayz think of keeping in touch but dont end doing it
very relating post .good one

Ashok V Patil said...

Nice one about being in are true many people forget to keep in touch due to many reasons...but very well put up in thoughts of some one waiting for relatives or friends.....

ss said...


Thank u all